A one-page digital comic that takes place in a grocery store. The artist depicts herself and her partner standing in front of the checkout line, manned by what is clearly a bear who is wearing a mask.  Narrator: On not recognizing someone because they are wearing a mask...  Bear cashier: Oh! Blueberries. They're my favorite.   The bear cashier panics slightly.  Bear cashier: But I like raspberries too.  Bear cashier: (thinking) Have I offended the raspberry?!  Bear cashier: Oh no. Maybe I just like all of the berries!  The artist and her partner walk away from the cashier with all their paid groceries.  Artist: W...was the cashier a bear?
A one-page journal comic detailing a, to be honest, unexpectedly cute conversation with a cashier at the local grocery store. Mask compliance was a new thing. I was grateful for this hard-working cashier for the moment of levity in between all the stress of COVID. I hope they are doing well!


For this comic, I first drew a quick thumbnail in my sketchbook.


While some are hand-lettering purists, I prefer to use InDesign and mechanical typefaces for setting up my typography and paneling. I typically use Cloudsplitter by Blambot.


I copy/pasted the elements from InDesign to a Photoshop file and drew the lines from there. I use a technique that relies on a uniform 5px line with closed shapes. This allows me to color quickly and accurately with Magic Wand.

The color scheme was generated from Paletton. I wanted to capture the converted industrial warehouse ‘feel’ of this grocery store chain. Lots of reds and exposed metal tubing. However, the employees in this chain all wear teal aprons, so a goldenrod was included to balance the two colors.

Coloring individual items on a shelf is an onerous task. So I made a custom brush that swapped between different shades of the same color randomly. ‘Color jitter’ is a blessing!

Once complete, I linked the PSD file in InDesign and have a print-ready comic page! It also translates fairly well to digital media, being vertically-oriented.