H. McGill

Sequential Art
H. McGill

Sequential Art

Graphic novels, comics, zines, cartoons, manga, words-on-pictures, webcomics…whatever you want to call them!

A red book cover with gold embellishments. The tile is 'Warlock'd: To Hell, with Love' and it depicts a mischievous barn swallow with a moth in her mouth. Behind her, medieval Paris burns.

Warlock'd: To Hell, with Love

YA Graphic Novel Pitch
12th Century Monster-of-the-Week
Historical fantasy/horror

Cover of RAWR! Dinosaur Friends pitch. It displays several prehistoric creatures on a black background with a self portrait of the artist in the middle.

RAWR! Dinosaur Friends

MG Graphic Novel Pitch
Natural History & Observational Science
Features Interactive Pages & Guides

A graphic containing layout and lettering examples, threaded through a medieval dragon. Text: "Layout & Lettering. Dialogue! Sound effects!"


Lettering for Graphic Novels, Comics, etc.
Examples of past lettering I’ve done
Come see some of my work!

Comics with H.

Short comics, drawing experiments, tutorials, thoughts on creativity/publishing, and free coloring pages.

Carboniferous Friends

Carboniferous Friends

As it turns out, a person can fit a lot of stuff into an 11x14 inch double-page spread. How much, I didn't realize, until I set out to create an example illustration for a picture book concept that I thought up. The idea is for kids to browse expansive eye-spy pages...

SAW Graphic Novel Development Month 3/6

SAW Graphic Novel Development Month 3/6

This month in the Sequential Artists Workshop (SAW), I explored making short comics as practice for the final pages in my graphic novel, Warlock’d. This comic in particular was completed for a Graphic Novel challenge hosted by the Society for Children’s Book Writers...

Of Pomegranates and Unicorns

Of Pomegranates and Unicorns

Is this Paleoart with some Folklore, or Folklore with some Paleoart?I explored the intertwining concepts of misinformation and natural history in this piece. The story in my head recalled not only mythological hearsay, but also the idea of cryptids. What is Big Foot...

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