Amphiox Graphic Novel (Print, 1st Edition) + Bonus PDF and Stickers


Amphiox Graphic Novel 1st Edition (with Goodies!)

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This full-color 48-page mini-graphic novel is my first foray into preordering online for print production. Envisioned as a creature design you can experience through the eyes of a worldly inhabitant, Amphiox that has been called "pure escapism" by beta readers. What is the amphiox? Where does it live? What does it look like? What did the amphioxii do to the world? This story is for fans of kaijuu, de-militarization, and dream worlds where humans care about each other.

Photograph of an open spread of the printed Amphiox book. Depicted within are airships! Dozens of them!

It's very light on worldbuilding in favor of ambiguous cinematic moments. The typography is designed for young and old eyes alike. No cramped speech balloons or pages covered in expository text! The cover is laminated for extra protection. Colors within have been designed to work with CMYK offset printing.

Photograph of a box full of 'Amphiox' graphic novels. The graphic novel has a giant fishtail with a glowing fin on the front. The graphic novels are stacked and wrapped in shrinkwrap inside of the box.

Each copy of Amphiox retails for $20 in stores and at conventions. If you order a physical copy of Amphiox online, you'll also get the print PDF version so you can see how it ends before everyone else. Some extra little goodies may slip in to make the shipping cost worth your while...Do you like stickers? Well, three stickers will show up with your book! And a page is signed, too!

Product photo of three different vinyl sticker designs, still in their StickerApp bags. One sticker is a smaller version of the Amphiox cover with rounded corners. Another sticker is the golden bee-infused 'H' logo that I use to represent my brand. The third sticker is an egg with a baby amphiox inside.

This book is currently printed and for sale! All sales will be immediately shipped.



Domestic orders within the USA only. International orders may inquire at for possible accommodation. Sorry for the inconvenience; I'm new at this and need to keep things simple for now.

Cover design subject to changes.

Additional information

Weight 0.207 kg
Dimensions 27.305 × 17.4625 × 1 cm
Page Count

48 pg

Page Weight

100 lb.

Printing Method

Either Digital CMYK, or CMYK Offset Print (depending on amount ordered)


Full-color, Laminated, 130 lb.


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