Crab Rare Arts Best Zine (Print, 1st Edition)


Crab Rare Arts Best – A Codex of Random Work from the Pandemic

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48 pages of contextless, disconnected, hand-drawn creativity by H. McGill -- Comics, illustrations, redraws of old art, and more! -- all compiled in the style of a medieval monk's codex. Here, nothing leads into each other, and nothing makes any overall sense. The title itself is not a title but a 'magic square' designed to protect the contents within.

Comes with a complimentary print-quality PDF on purchase.


NOTE: The print version of this zine contains a misprinted version of 'Gastronomy' chart that was updated after printing, and thus varies from the PDF edition. This will be corrected in future editions of the print zine.

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Page Count

48 pg, front and back

Paper Weight

100 lb


130 lb, 'Soft Touch' Lamination