Cover of RAWR! Dinosaur Friends pitch. It displays several prehistoric creatures on a black background with a self portrait of the artist in the middle.

Chronosaurus Rex

MG Graphic Novel
Informational Fiction, Scicomm
Full-color, 150-200 pgs

Comics that encourage kids to explore and learn outside of school!

Comics! Chronosaurus is a series of informational fiction comics entwined with thrilling science fiction settings. Readers visit Luna Station, a nature rehabilitation center on the moon which oversees all of life on earth: Past, present, and future! 

Play with Science! RAWR! Dinosaur Friends also challenges readers to take what they learn and apply it to creative activities, such as observing and drawing fossils.

Spot ’em All! A series of Where’s Waldo-esque illustrations challenges readers to find their favorite prehistoric creatures throughout all of the geological ages. Along the way, they’ll ‘meet’ all sorts of cool new organisms, too.

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