A red book cover with gold embellishments. The tile is 'Warlock'd: To Hell, with Love' and it depicts a mischievous barn swallow with a moth in her mouth. Behind her, medieval Paris burns.

Warlock’d: To Hell, with Love

YA Graphic Novel
Historical Fantasy/Horror
Full-color, 250-300 pgs

Monster-of-the-week romps
through a 12th century, global world.

Paris, 1190 AD. Margo the demonic barn swallow leaves Hell, seeking to become human. Instead, she becomes the local warlock’s monster-of-the-week. Unlike other monsters in the warlock’s career, Margo sticks around.

As the two solve devilish little problems throughout the city, the warlock suspects that Margo’s a lost soul. If true, then she’s been human the whole time without remembering. Her body must still be alive somewhere. The warlock cannot afford to have Margo’s blood on his hands. If Margo does not return to her mortal shell before Christmas ends, it will die without her. 

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