A red book cover with gold embellishments. The tile is 'Warlock'd: To Hell, with Love' and it depicts a mischievous barn swallow with a moth in her mouth. Behind her, medieval Paris burns.

Warlock’d: To Hell, with Love

YA Graphic Novel
Cozy Paranormal Mystery
Full-color, 250-300 pgs

Monster-of-the-Week meets Cozy Mystery
in a 12th century, rural Paris.

Paris, 1190 AD. Paris, 1191 AD. Snow falls. The cleric Stone would love nothing more than to be a simple accountant. His past as a learned necromancer comes back in the form of a tiny, angry bird demon, Margo. Margo haunts a local inn. She needs Stone to save her beloved inn from a bigger, nastier demon. Together, the pair investigates booby-trapped spellbooks, an ill-fated Mystery Play, and knife-wielding clergy in the Latin Quarter. The cozy mystery unfolds in a small town, rural setting where the spirit world rests like a veil on top.